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Chris Gibson

Director, Global Challenges Program at University of Wollongong


Chris Gibson is Professor of Human Geography at the University of Wollongong, Australia, and Director of Global Challenges, UOW’s interdisciplinary research program. His research interests are in the field of cultural economy, responding to questions about how economic activities and power relations emerge and are contested within urban, regional and coastal sub/cultural formations. Chris’ PhD examined the urban and regional geography of creative industries, specifically music, and their links to tourism. This led to a series of books, many co-written with his thesis supervisor and long-term collaborator, John Connell, that include Sound Tracks: Popular Music, Identity and Place(Routledge, 2003), Music and Tourism: On the Road Again(Channel View, 2005), Creativity in Peripheral Places: Redefining the Creative Industries (Routledge, 2012) andMusic Festivals and Regional Development in Australia(Ashgate, 2013). More recently he has collaborated with Andrew Warren on a project examining the history and contemporary economic geography of surfboard-making as coastal creative manufacturing industry. With Andrew he is the co-author of Surfing Places, Surfboard Makers: Craft, Creativity and Cultural Heritage in Hawai’i, California and Australia (University of Hawai’i Press, 2014).

Relevant publications

  • Warren, A. and Gibson, C. 2014. Surfing Places, Surfboard Makers: Craft, Creativity and Cultural Heritage in Hawai’i, California and Australia. University of Hawai‘i Press: Honolulu. ISBN 978-0-8248-3943-7. Web page:http://www.uhawaiipress.com/p-9116-9780824839437.aspx
  • Gibson, C. and Warren, A. 2014. Making Surfboards: Emergence of a Trans-Pacific Cultural Industry. Journal of Pacific History 49(1): 1-23
  • Warren, A. and Gibson, C. 2013. Crafting Regional Production: Emergence, Crisis and Consolidation in the Gold Coast Surfboard Industry. Australian Geographer 44(4): 365-381

Warren, A. and Gibson, C. 2013. Making Things in a High Dollar Australia: The Case of the Surfboard Industry. Journal of Australian Political Economy 71(1): 26-50 Available: http://australianpe.wix.com/japehome#!current/c1cok


Email: cgibson@uow.edu.au

Twitter: @profcgibson