Asier Viteri

Director of the Surf & Boardsports Applied Marketing Program at Mondragon University, Spain
Asier is the Director of the Surf & Boardsports Applied Marketing undergraduate program in Mondragon University, Spain ( Asier launched this training program back in 2008 with a team of surf enthusiast teachers, and over the last six years Mondragon University has became a node for those students willing to develop their skills into business and marketing in the surf and other boardsports industries. Many of the students have created their own companies or joined some of the major surfing companies after completing the program.
Asier’s background is linked to business and innovation. Besides from being a teacher in Mondragon University, he is also a business associate in Athlon S. Coop. A cooperative company that operates in the fields of physical activity and health ( His main fields of interest are new business opportunities related to surf, tourism and sports.
Always with an eye on the surf forecast, Asier has traveled the world seeking for waves and cultural interactions in places like: Indonesia, Australia, Central America, California and the Canary Islands.