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Carla Barbieri

Associate Professor Equitable & Sustainable Tourism at North Carolina State University


Dr. Carla Barbieri is an associate professor in Equitable & Sustainable Tourism at the Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management, North Carolina State University (U.S.). Her research focuses on rural and nature-based tourism and aims to enhance people’s quality of life, rural community well-being, and natural resources conservation through tourism development. One of Barbieri’s research themes focuses on specialized forms of tourism, such as surf tourism and oyster-based tourism. Within this research theme, she is particularly interested in examining how tourism can contribute to local economies, help to solve deep social illnesses such as poverty and gender inequality, or maintain heritage and traditions. Regarding surf tourism, Barbieri is interested in understanding tourism behaviors and destination preferences among surfers with different levels of specialization.  She is also interested in examining the conservationist behaviors of surfers at a global level, to identify similarities and differences within the members of the surfing community world-wide.


Carla Barbieri, PhD

Associate Professor

Equitable & Sustainable Tourism

Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

North Carolina State University

E-mail: carla_barbieri@ncsu.edu

Address: 3028D Biltmore Hall; Campus Box 8004

Raleigh, NC 27695

Skype: carla.columbia