Dr. Leon Mach

Center for Energy & Environmental Policy at University of Delaware

Researcher Bio:

Leon found his passion for surfing while studying abroad his junior year of college at the University of Wollongong in Australia.  He then went on to receive a M.A from American University’s School of International Service in International Affairs and a M.A from the United Nations mandated University for Peace, Costa Rica, in Natural Resources and Sustainable development.  While studying in Costa Rica and traveling throughout Central America camping, surfing, and interacting with local communities he was inspired to write his Master’s thesis on the impacts of surf tourism in developing countries and the potential for global advocacy and governance to lead to more sustainable outcomes.  Leon just earned his Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Policy from the University of Delaware, where he also worked as a teaching assistant and published many articles and book chapters on various topics related to sustainable energy and environmental justice.  His dissertation is entitled, “From the Endless Summer to the Surf Spring: Technology and Governance in Developing World Surf Tourism.” Leon now joins the CSR to continue exploring how surf tourism evolves with new technological inputs and the potential that internet communications technologies have to link global and local level sustainable governance mechanisms.

Leon now teaches cross-cultural interactions in surf tourism through for-credit study abroad programs with Groundswell Educational Travel.


Publications & Presentations:


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Available at: http://www.ceoe.udel.edu/windpower/resources/BudischakEtAl-AsPublished-Corrected.pdf

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Mach, L.  “Technology and Governance in Developing World Surf Tourism.”  Abstract Accepted.  To be presented at the Interdisciplinary Tourism Research Conference.  Istanbul, Turkey, June 3-8, 2014.

Mach, L. “Understanding Tourism Motivations and Impacts in India.”  Presented in Thane India, Activists and Academicians Round table, January 16, 2013

Mach L.  “From the Endless Summer to the Surf Spring: Assessing Surf Tourism Governance in the Techno-sphere.”  Presented in Newark DE, University of Delaware Graduate Student Forum, May 12, 2012