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sustainable stoke book

Sustainable Stoke
The Book

This book brings together the best minds, thought leaders and the most influential figures form the surf industry, academia, non-profits, and the surfing community to create a book that explores the cutting edge of the surfing world's transition to sustainability.

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We all make choices – consciously or subconsciously, but I think we have a responsibility to consider these questions and make the best choices we can. The industry where my choices have the most impact is surfing. So here I take it as my personal responsibility to ask what I can do to make each product more environmentally friendly.

Rob Machado

Professional Surfer, Page 60

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All proceeds from the book will go to surf-related charities.

Transitions to Sustainability in the Surfing World

This is where some overview text about the book and all of the awesome people involved goes. You should also have a sentence about the goals of publishing and why people should buy. Lastly you should inform people that the videosbelow are from all the heavy hitters who are part of the book.

Doug Palladini

VP, General Manager - Vans NA President - SIMA

“I think it offers a fresh take on how surfing and sustainability really go hand in hand.”

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Bob McKnight

CEO - Quicksilver

“It’s actually affecting consumers and they’re seeing it firsthand now.”

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Deep Blue Life

Trailer to chapter 5.6 of Sustainable Stoke

Sustainable Stoke Contributors Making Waves in the Surf Industry

Sustainable Surf co-founders Kevin Whilden and Michael Stewart have made a significant impact on the surf industry in the short period of time since their inception. Named a 2014 Agent of Change by Surfer Magazine and featured by CBS news in June 2015 for their role in revolutionizing the surfboard industry, Kevin and Michael’s contribution to Sustainable Stoke: Transitions to Sustainability in the Surfing World outlines in detail their process to date, the dangers that climate change poses to surf breaks, and how surfing can provide an ‘on ramp’ to a wholistically sustainable, ‘deep blue life‘.

The Book

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