Ed Atkin

Environmental Consultant & Co-director of eCoast

Ed Atkin is a co-director of eCoast Marine Consulting and Research and an environmental consultant focussing on coastal oceanography. Ed’s been involved with surf science since 2005 and uses his understanding of nearshore processes in investigations that address wave breaking quality changes. Ed works closely with the Surfbreak Protection Society in New Zealand, by providing technical advice regarding preservation of marine resources.

As a consultant Ed has completed numerous technical reports and research projects across a wide range of disciplines; including contributing to expert witness evidence for environmental and other court proceedings. More recently Ed has applied his knowledge of coastal processes to climate change adaptation projects in Mauritius, Tonga, the Seychelles and the Marshall Islands. Ed has worked extensively across New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, and is affiliated to the New Zealand Coastal Society (IPENZ) and New Zealand Fiji Business Council (NZFBC).

Ed has spent many years travelling driven by surf and culture, but now mostly for work. Ed lives in Raglan, New Zealand with his young family, is volunteer New Zealand coastguard and surfs nearly every day on the left hand point breaks.