Jannik Dörr

Cand. M. Sc. Sports Tourism and Recreation Management (GSU).

Growing up almost in the heart of Germany it took Jannik more than 18 years to discover surfing. Once he had done so, he made sure to keep it a regular activity in his life. Besides surf trips, becoming a certified surf instructor in the year 2009 allowed him to spend more time on the coast. Since then Jannik is working part of his summers in the south west of France teaching German surf students on the beautiful French beach breaks. Here lie possible future research opportunities for Jannik concerning Surfing/Sustainable Surf Tourism.

In 2013 Jannik finished his undergraduate degree in sports science, outdoor education and recreation at the German Sports University Cologne. Linking various university assignments to his main interest of surfing (i.e. exercise science, sport association structure, surf destinations) he developed an academic connection to surfing. Jannik wrote his bachelor’s thesis on anticipatory skill differences in surfing, for which he used in-water video sequences as trial data in an empirical study. Together with Dr. Furley (GSU), Jannik is currently working on a study concerning stance preferences/perceptions and implications in professional surfing.

In 2017 Jannik is finishing his M.Sc. degree, which covered sports tourism topics alongside sustainability, outdoor sports, development and recreation. This meant gaining a more theoretical background to his professional surfcamp tourism experience. Through this master’s program Jannik was able to be rewarded a scholarship towards an exchange semester at the University of Waikato (NZ).

For the future Jannik is interested in collaborations or work/research placements abroad. To get in contact with Jannik please email to jannik.doerr@gmail.com Website: www.jannikjames.com

Publications: Furley, P., & Dörr, J. (2016). “Eddie would(n’t) go!” perceptual-cognitive expertise in surfing. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 22, 66-71.