Maia Dery

Professor and Developer at Guilford College

Maia is a photographer, educator, and inveterate questioner. Her mission is to foster appreciation of water as an elemental force that dissolves and belies the artificial boundaries we unconsciously perceive and reinforce between ourselves and others, both human and more than human. She teaches surfing based courses that introduce students to stubborn, contemporary challenges resulting from historic trends, and to some of the inspiring people working hard to address those challenges. She teaches in the Art Department at Guilford College where she also developed the Cape Fear River Basin Studies Program. In this interdisciplinary, place-based program students discover and develop creative connections between their academic studies, recreational interests, and local problems with global implications. Her new project, a multimedia exploration of people whose relationship with the ocean is the foundation of a wisdom practice, will be publically available in 2017. She learned to surf at 40 and, with the evangelical zeal of a recent convert, she uses wave-play as a means to engage seekers of all ages with the transformative, embodied metaphors surfing offers to anyone wishing to learn deeply and serve enthusiastically.