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Marcos Bosquetti

Asst. Professor at Federal University of Santa Catarina

Marcos Bosquetti is an Assistant Professor in the School of Management at UFSC in Florianópolis, an island in southern Brazil also called Floripa by surfers. Marcos felt in love with surf when he was 45 years old, after moving to Floripa in 2010 to start his academic career. Before that, Marcos worked 25 years with energy efficiency, renewable energy and corporate social responsibility in the electricity industry. Marcos completed his MBA at the University of Bath, England and his Ph.D. in Management at São Paulo University, Brazil with two PhD sandwich programs at McGill University, Canada and Melbourne University, Australia. At UFSC, Marcos implemented learning by doing approach for the project management course and has developed and delivered new courses such as social innovation, renewable energy business and sustainable development. Marcos has been guest lecturer at SRH Hochschule Berlin, Germany; MacEwan University, Canada; University of Jyväskylä, Finland; and USAC, the University Studies Abroad Consortium of 33 USA universities. Marcos passion for surfing and the environment has led him to join many coastal community projects to help promoting environmental education, beaches cleanup & restorations, eco-surfboard projects and sustainable tourism in Santa Catarina. Marcos’ current research interest is in exploring the key challenges and opportunities relating to sustainable development in the surfing industry and how to apply the global best practices in Brazil.

Marcos Bosquetti
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