Mallory Shulkin

Undergraduate Assistant

Mallory Shulkin, a current Communications major at San Diego State University and native San Diegan, has lived in Southern California her whole life. A local surfer herself, Mallory is extremely interested in surf culture and strongly believes it helps her maintain a positive, healthy, happy life full of love and good energy. Her experience as an employee at the local surf shop South Coast in Pacific Beach has provided a substantial amount of knowledge about surfing and the culture that comes with it. Not only is she interested in surf culture as a whole, but the lifestyle it preaches such as living for adventure and being one with the world’s natural state. Alongside that and on a more serious note, the effects of surf tourism on the local community and sustainability. She strongly believes that surfing does and can have the potential to influence positive progression in the way our communities practice sustainability, and by practicing what we preach on a day-to-day basis, slowly make progress in the process of being environmentally conscious and aware world. One day Mallory hopes to use photography, music, and/or writing as a medium of expression and to be an influential leader helping others lead happy, positive lives by living harmoniously with the world we came from and in the process help preserve our planet’s natural resources by living sustainably.

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give that away."

William Shakespeare