KPBS features SDSU Center for Surf Research [VIDEO]

KPBS chronicles the opening of SDSU Center for Surf Research and the rising of an academic take on surfing in San Diego and around the world. KPBS interviewed Center for Surf Research Director Jess Ponting, and his efforts to open the academic center and increase awareness about surf tourism’s positive impact on developing countries. They also quote a study by The Surfer’s Journal, who surveyed their readers and found that 70 percent of them traveled out of the country to surf over two times a year. Harnessing those tourism dollars in a sustainable fashion is an important goal for Dr. Ponting and the Center for Surf Research.

Check out the video interview below:

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Then you paddle like hell and catch the thing,” said Ponting. “You’ve got to get your board up to the same kind of speed as the wave that’s approaching, and jump to your feet and ride the thing.“

The professor came to the school to teach a sustainable tourism class. His research focused on the cultural, environmental and social impact of thousands of surfers in search of the perfect experience. His passion for surfing led to the creation of the Center for Surf Research in SDSU’s Hospitality and Tourism school – tourism and surfing are natural partners.

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