Reflections from the Field – Tavarua: Office Space

Yadra (“yan-dra”)! Good morning!

Monday night was the last night for a few of the guests so we had some Bounty and Cokes and then we got invited to Fiji Camp for some Kava. It was really nice of the staff to welcome us to their bure for some kava – part of their nightly ritual to sit down, be thankful, and have a good time before they go to bed for work the next day.

Bummer to see the guests leave on Tuesday, but hopefully our paths will cross again someday.

I swam through some sea lice while surfing on Monday and the bites started itching on Tuesday. Mosquitoes and sea lice are the only two things I won’t miss about this place haha…that, and the constant threat of staph infections.

There’s not going to be much interesting content for the next couple days because I’ve been in the office all day working this week, which has been interesting for me, but probably not for the blog so let’s just say I’ve been learning a lot about the resort and Fijian culture/government/businesses/geography.

Dylan’s cat came into my office and joined me for the afternoon while I was making calls and writing policies on Tuesday.

I start my day around 830am after breakfast, and finish at 6:45pm before dinner so I can catch the sunset. Here are some pictures of the sunsets from Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Good way to finish the day.


Tuesday night. Wednesday night.

Thunderstorms have been passing through constantly for five days straight and I love it. Makes for some interesting sunsets and thunder sounds awesome. The only problem is the rain keeps the mosquitoes happy.

My ankle started swelling up Tuesday night, but Patrick said it wasn’t infected, I probably just hit it or strained it from something else…whoo, I was a little worried it might have been something worse even though my cuts from the reef are healing up pretty well. Luckily, I can just focus on work because I can’t surf until the swelling goes away.

Tonight (Thursday) is the Kava Ceremony and I’m excited to have some more of the authentic Fijian food supplied by the local villages. Plus, it’s a lot of fun! In case you missed the post on Kava:

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