Sustainable Surf Tourism in Panama: Surfer’s Garden

On the Pacific coast of Panama, a little more than 4 hours drive from Panama City through jungles, mountains, ranches, and small towns lies a stretch of coast known as the Mariato District.

Comprised of one small town, a few smaller communities, a welcoming local population with a vibrant culture, and an incredible natural environment full of fruit trees, palms, animals, mountains, and an ocean teeming with both sea-life and surf, this place is a sight to behold, and presents the visitor with a feeling of awe that cannot be found so easily in todays world.

Tourism has just recently started to trickle in to this once hidden paradise, after surfers heard about the incredible waves, travelers heard rumor of the land and ocean’s beauty, and everyone heard about 60 cent beers at the local cantina. Although the amount of tourism present within this area is still small, and most visitors are Panamanians from the capitol city or nearby Santiago (the nearest large city), there is no doubt that one day the secret of this stretch of coastline will no longer be a secret, and tourism will grow.

surfers-gardenSurfer’s Garden (Panama), owned and operated by two surfers from opposite sides of the world who have traveled the world and spent much time exploring and living in Latin America, will be opening and commencing operation Feb 2015 as a sustainable surf resort in Playa Reina, one of the beach-front communities of the Mariato District. Aside from offering clients and guests incredible surfing, fishing, and diving/snorkeling, Surfer’s Garden will emphasize the importance and magic of stepping out of one’s “comfort zone” and away from the tunnel vision that resorts, hostels, and other tourist catering establishments often provide and promote (whether by accident or purposefully) while traveling.

Surfer’s Garden will also focus on the implementation and execution of sustainable tourism practices within its business’s operation, and will strive to work with the community and like-minded organizations based around the world in hopes of both giving back to, and protecting the future of, the local community and their way of life, and the stunning yet fragile surrounding environment.

surfers-garden-6Whether you are a surfer itching for an adventure and some incredible waves, a backpacker looking to explore the beauty of Latin America, or an organization which shares the same values as ourselves, we hope to see you in the future as we embark on this journey to become a beacon for sustainable tourism of Panama, and the world.

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Surfer’s Garden

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