Bringing the Stoke Back


The Center for Surf Research is up and running once again! After being dormant for almost a year, the Center has a new team of volunteers and is ready to start taking initiatives on bringing sustainability into the surfing world once again. Unfortunately, the site was hacked not too long ago and much of the latest material was lost. On top of this, many of the previous members graduated and left the team.

Original founder, Jess Ponting, has recently put together a small group of passionate volunteers who are excited to work on new research opportunities and help bring the Center back to life. Our group consists of one graduate research assistant, and three undergraduate assistants. We are all extremely passionate about the Center for Surf Research and it’s mission to maintain a balance between surfing and staying sustainable. In the past few months, we have been working on restoring the website and gathering new material to publish for our followers. The restoration process for the website is very detailed and time consuming, but we are hoping to push out of this phase soon. Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter for our latest updates!

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