Meet Emilia Cloutman, Undergraduate Assistant

Anything and everything that involves sustainability and the environment keeps me driven. I grew up in the Southern California High Desert, but I often found myself traveling to the beach or the mountains to find adventure. My parents raised me to be comfortable in water, and through this, my love of the ocean and anything water related began.

Throughout high school I was heavily involved with journalism, and yearbook. When I wasn’t working on these I was finding ways to be active and outdoors. I became the secretary of the Ski & Snowboard club, and immediately became addicted to the slopes. ┬áDuring my sophomore year I became very interested in surfing and the surf culture and wanted to try it out. I attended a surf camp in Imperial Beach that same summer, and not only did I learn how to surf but also about the importance of environmentally safe practices.

I am currently studying here at San Diego State, and also serve as the secretary and public relations for the SDSU Sailing Team. Even though I am unsure about what I want to do later in life, I am excited to have new experiences and find out along the way.

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