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The Center for Surf Research has been busy researching and producing content to support sustainability and surfing in many different areas. In October CSR co-presented Surf Park Summit Europe at Surf Snowdonia surf park in the north of Wales. With 70 carefully curated attendees from 16 countries the two day event was a great success. Surf Park Insiders: The Collective Wisdom of Surf Park Summit 2 was released fro sale at the event. Published by Surf Park Central and co-edited by Dr Jess the book coverers the range of content at Surf Park Summit 2 which was staged in Orlando in 2016 and was attended by 300 participants and included two surf sessions at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (which was being managed by an SDSU Recreation and Tourism Management Program alumnus). Surf Park Insiders can be purchased through Surf Park Central here.


The latest collaboration between the Center for Surf Research and the Plymouth Surfing and Sustainability Research Group (PSRG) is now also available. Published by Routledge, the book Sustainable Surfing features chapters by leading academics in the surf research space. It also includes the first published academic material to specifically address surf parks and sustainability.

Sustainable Stoke, the first collaboration between CSR and PSSRG with 40 chapters from US senators, CEOs of billion dollar corporations, world champion surfers, academics and NGO founders all weigh in on what sustainability in surfing means to them, and how they think the sport and lifestyle and business is transitioning to sustainability. The book is being serialized by the publisher into more bite sized peices, the first of while is now listed along with the entire volume on Amazon.



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