Slater Design Algae Traction Pads


Slater Designs has changed the way that traction pads should be made. The collaboration with Bloom Foam has resulted in the most eco-friendly traction pad available to surfers. The foam is produced from algae biomass of freshwater .  Through the process it is improving the ecosystem by reducing the amount of algae that can be harmful to plants/animals if in excess, recirculating 28 gallons of freshwater back into the waterway, and also aiding CO2 capture equivalent of 22 helium balloons released into atmosphere. They accomplish this process by bringing mobile machinery to the edge of lakes and ponds. They then take the water, filter it and return it back into the waterway. They are left with pure algae that they dry out and use to make the traction pad.

Our team was extremely excited to throw these on our boards. You have two options with the pads, a squared pattern in a flat pad or a diamond pattern with an arch support. Initial thoughts were that these felt just like any other traction pad. After a few surfs, it felt great and worked the way that you expect and rely on from your traction pad. As time has gone on, the traction pad has remained intact and attached to the board and continues to feel great! With this pad performing up to standards, we can’t see why you would want to purchase a non eco-friendly pad for your next board.

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