Soul Spot Sunscreen

A Smarter Type of Protection

Coral bleaching. One of the major and most disturbing effects from oxybenzone, an active ingredient found in non-eco-friendly sunscreen products. The coral reefs serve as a basis for biodiversity/healthy ecosystems and sadly they are exposed to many harmful chemicals everyday, such as oxybenzone. Aside from coral bleaching, this ingredient can also be harmful to the the skin and hormones of the user.

Naseem Kasraee, a current senior here at San Diego State has started up her own innovative sunscreen company that combats this harsh reality. Soul Spot Sunscreen is an all natural and biodegradable type of sunscreen that is perfect for surfers and swimmers. It is made out of four simple ingredients: non-nano zinc oxide, coconut oil, beeswax, and glycerin. The zinc serves as protection from the sun. The coconut oil and beeswax keep your skin healthy, and the glycerin allows for a smooth formula that is easy to rub in.

She launched her sunscreen in May of 2016, and has since made great progress. Being a business entrepreneurship major has helped her out through the process of starting up Soul Spot, and she has truly had the entrepreneurship experience. A surfer herself, she was inspired to come up with a new alternative for sunscreen that protects your skin while keeping the environment in mind.

The Center for Surf Research staff will be testing out this sunscreen along with other sustainable products and will soon be releasing a catalogue of the reviews. Stay tuned for info! If you want to learn more about Soul Spot, or take the next step in protecting the environment by investing in some of your own, then visit




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